Here are a few, important questions:

Do you love food? (Like, ‘LOVE’ in all caps kind of love?)

Do you feel like this love affair is holding you back from living a healthy life?

Do you have 90 minutes that you could dedicate to making peace with food once and for all? (That’s about the time it takes to order pizza. Just sayin’.)

If you answered yes to these, then “I Heart Food” is about to rock your plate and your life.

This 90-minute coaching service is designed to help you take back control of your food (and thoughts around food) in just a short amount of time. Together we’ll pinpoint two of your biggest food “triggers” and make a plan to turn them into positive, healthier experiences in the future.

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At the root of this coaching are a few key lessons that changed my life (and will yours too, if you let ‘em in). Namely:


Understanding the real reasons behind your food choices—which, typically are emotionally-based or coming from somewhere other than our stomachs.


Learning that you can love (LOVE) food without having a destructive, love/hate relationship with it (indulge, deprive, repeat).

I Heart Food is for you if you recognize that you struggle with your relationship with food (you’re not sure exactly what the problem is, but there’s definitely a problem), and right now you just need a quick, efficient fix, not a long, drawn out program.

I’m constantly blown away by the breakthroughs that can occur when you’re ready, honest, and willing to work. And yes, life change can happen in 90 minutes!

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With I Heart Food, you’ll walk away with:

The ability to look at that batch of cookies (or bag of Doritos, or pint of ice cream, or all of the above) right in the eye knowing that it doesn’t own you.

Clarity around your mind and motivations towards food.

Understanding—and battle plan for—how food connects to everything else going on in our lives (and always will).

A free food journal.

2 weeks of email support following our work together.

A ton of bang for your buck: coaching without the long-term commitment, but with all of the long-term benefits and results.

This short and sweet (or salty, if that’s your jam) intensive is simple and painless. Simply purchase below and you’ll be sent a welcome email with a link to schedule through my Timetrade account, and then we’ll spend 90-minutes together via the phone or skype.

So how about we banish self sabotage from the table for good? All you have to do is commit 90 minutes of your life to experience how great growth and change taste.

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