Amanda is fearless.

She  points me in the direction of radiant wellness with her rule breaking, straight shooting, fun and useful insights, recipes, and programs. I’m a fan and an eager subscriber.



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Diets don’t work. Lifestyles do.

Amanda’s work to help her clients feed their hunger on all levels using their inner power and intuition is commendable, much-needed work in our dietarily overstimulated society.



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From the moment I started working with Amanda, I was hooked! I loved the idea of saying goodbye to all forms of ‘dieting’ or restrictive eating and learning how to see food as nourishment rather than an enemy or burden. I’ve learned to treat this process as a journey where I know that a full, whole lifestyle and balanced relationship to food is possible. Amanda also taught me to love my workouts, and do exercise that I truly enjoy. I’ve noticed a very positive change in my mental attitude since integrating more yoga into my routine. I do it at least four times per week and love the sense of purposeful calm it brings to my life.


After working with Amanda, I felt my entire attitude shift and my outlook on healthy eating became much more positive. I’ve learned how to have faith in myself and keep the momentum going, and to be patient with the process rather than expecting overnight changes. Most importantly, my husband, who has his own unique food challenges, joined me along this journey and we have made a commitment to this lifestyle change together! Through Amanda’s education and encouragement, we joined our local community supported agriculture group and are excited about all the possibilities. Overall, Amanda’s program was the best, most well-rounded virtual program I have come across. If you are ready to make gradual changes, not just in diet, but in attitude, Amanda’s approach and guidance makes everything surprisingly simple. I have achieved everything I hoped for and more!

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Amanda helped me look at food in a whole new light. As a professional fitness competitor, monitoring my food intake is a very important part of my everyday life. By learning more about foods that work best for my body, Amanda helped alleviate the pressure that I normally feel before competitions. I learned how to make empowering decisions when it comes to my food choices and to honor what my body is asking for. I now understand why I crave certain foods, and have learned to use the quality of food to my digestive advantage. If you want to understand your body and understand nutrition in a way you never have before, Amanda’s your girl!


I knew working with Amanda would be a great stepping stone to help me in my life. Having the opportunity to talk with her on such a personal level was amazing and made me feel so connected. I’ve let go of the stress behind “messing up” when it comes to my diet, and now eating a healthier diet comes naturally to me!

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After graduating college and entering the real world, I felt a new level of stress and anxiety in my life. In order to compensate for this, I turned to food for comfort and stress release. While I still maintained a lifestyle with a lot of exercise, I quickly gained 20 pounds while working at my new job. Amanda was the catalyst that helped me transition to my new, healthier lifestyle and guided me through the difficult changes. With her assistance, I quickly made the evolution to a healthier lifestyle. With the changes in my diet I now feel great, I have much more energy and I have lost almost 25 pounds. I know that I could not have made the changes I did without Amanda’s help and guidance. Thank you Amanda for helping me start my journey to creating an healthier lifestyle!


I recently turned 50 and wanted to celebrate my life and well-being. While yoga had helped me to accept my body and no longer try every fad diet, I often felt tired and dragged. Menopause had also set in and I often felt depleted. I decided I wanted to learn what MY body needed to be nourished and I didn’t want to be influenced by a number on the scale. I already abstained from magazines that had “lose weight” or fad diets on the cover. I met Amanda through yoga and I trusted her to guide me on my journey to a healthier me. Amanda was compassionate and offered me immediate support and encouragement. Without judgment, Amanda assessed my dietary needs and identified where I needed to shift my habits and encouraged me try new recipes and new foods like produce and protein. My biggest challenge was to give up my coffee, which was increasing the unpleasant symptoms of menopause such as lethargy and hot flashes. She gave me so much support and encouragement to keep with it and not give in to the headaches and flu like symptoms I felt from the withdrawal. This was life changing for me and has maximized my energy. Amanda helped me return to a healthier state of being. I not only feel nourished physically, but emotionally, and spiritually, too. My creative spirit has been enhanced as well as my relationships and activities of daily living!

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Amanda’s personalized real food approach is exactly what you need to avoid deprivation, keep your sanity, and get

the results you’ve been looking for.


As a woman who has battled weight and body image issues since middle school, I’ve tried my fair share of diets – from Power Pops, to diet pills, to excessive exercise, to eating nothing at all. Never did I think Amanda would give me the gift she did. Amanda opened my eyes to the world of nutrition and healthy living. She made me aware of what the food industry is doing to not only our food, but also our perception as consumers, and how it’s making Americans unhealthy and leading to disease. Amanda liberated me to make better decisions in the supermarket, restaurants, and has inspired me to get into my kitchen! No more microwave dinners! Amanda is great at easing you into the program. She also showed me how nutrition is linked to my energy, digestion, and skin/hair beauty (who doesn’t want that?!). In the end, I know that I am eating so much better and am on a path to living a long healthy life, and want to teach my family to do the same.

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Amanda helped me pinpoint my weak areas and advised me on what could be causing my cravings and problem areas. For over seven years, I battled bulimia. With the diet changes and advice that Amanda gave me, I was able to overcome my intense sugar cravings that ultimately led to my bulimic episodes. With her support, I have been able to make my life so much better physically, mentally, and emotionally. Amanda is the sweetest, most caring person when it comes to such personal needs. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional and most of all practices what she preaches. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for support such as mine, weight management or simply wanting to lead a more healthy, holistic lifestyle!

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Amanda is changing the way that we define health. Amanda’s relatable personality combined with her depth of knowledge in health & nutrition make her the perfect person to guide you on your way to health and happiness.


Amanda helped me realize that my health and diet should be about my needs and desires. Instead of basing my choices on what others think, I’ve learned to listen each day to what my body needs, and make decisions based off of how I’m feeling, rather than what I feel I “should” be doing. Amanda gave me the motivation to take action on my own and inspired me to get into the kitchen and start cooking for myself. I see so much for myself on the horizon. I’ve moved on from someone who is stuck eating certain foods and following the latest workout fad, to someone who has the confidence and knowledge to be creative in my lifestyle and know that it is having a positive effect on my mind and body!


Amanda helped me find comfort in my attitude towards food and understand that health and wellness can be approached with balance and ease. She has a great personality and is always positive, cheerful, and extremely caring. Amanda really made me feel like no matter what I am okay, and that I shouldn’t beat myself up over eating the foods I crave because I’m craving them for a reason! I’ve learned to listen to my body and to take responsibility for my health for myself and my loved ones!


One of the best things I have done for myself was to work with Amanda. She taught me so much about creating a healthy lifestyle for myself as well as my family, especially when it comes to food. I learned which foods work best for me so that I have control over how my body feels through what I eat. I have much more energy. In addition, I am better able to guide my teenage daughter to making healthier food choices and we have both expanded our repertoire of vegetables as well as other foods. Amanda made the whole process easy, and I especially loved the cooking lessons!